Surgery & Orthopedics

Accidents happen, and so do injuries. If your pet needs urgent or general surgery, your pet is in good hands with our experienced team.

As humans, we know that we can get surgical treatment if we need it. For animals, though, it’s often trickier. Finding a pet surgeon that you trust isn’t always easy since many primary wellness veterinarians are not equipped to perform surgical procedures. Thankfully, at Town & Country Veterinary Hospital, we offer every service you’d ever need under one roof – including surgery.

Surgical Treatments Available

There are many reasons that your animal may require surgery.

veterinarian checking dog on surgery table at town and country veterinary hospital

However, the two most common reasons are soft tissue injuries and the need to spay or neuter them. Regardless of whether your pet needs a common or complex surgical treatment, Town & Country Veterinary Hospital has it covered.

When an animal gets a soft tissue injury, it can be very painful for them. Soft tissue includes any muscle, tissue, ligament, nerves, and other connective or protective structures inside the body. Some of the most frequently seen tissue injuries in animals include strained and sprained muscles and tendon tears. These are often seen when furry friends jump, leap, or run with force. Our trained veterinarians can fix your friend right up! Other soft-tissue procedures include lump removal, foreign body removal, etc.

Spaying and neutering are processes that remove the reproductive organs from a female or male pet, respectively. This is often seen as necessary, as it reduces the number of animals that end up in shelters yearly, and it prevents your pet from developing potential reproductive illnesses and cancers. Spaying and neutering can curb problematic behaviors, too, and make your favorite fur baby even more enjoyable to live with.

Surgery & Orthopedics in San Antonio

Town & Country Veterinary Hospital is proud to provide all of the veterinary care services your pet needs – including surgery – under one roof. Whether you have a dog or cat, our surgical staff will make sure your pet gets the care they deserve. Call us to schedule an appointment for a surgical consultation today.

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